OmniGraffle 7 App Reviews

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Used to be a fine product - completely fails now.

Paid full price for Pro version 5. Now, with Sierra, app no longer opens. Well, it opens, but immediately crashes. Reinstalling doesn't fix. Reinstalling complete OS doesn't fix. Forced to upgrade to version 7. Except, I cannot. I try to purchase. They have an upgrade option, which seems to work after pointing to v5 app, but then fails to actually purchase. I can no longer work or modify any of my previous projects. This is a real problem.

Last Update Bug

With Apple MacOS High Sierra 10.13.6 update the program freezing the whole MAC if we try to open pencils from colors pop up menu. please fix.

Without peer

I use OmniGraffle for two things - UI mockups that includes click events. These are used to show clients website concepts in both mobile and desktop format. The second is to whip together network diagrams and explanatory charts for clients. I’ve used Viso, XYZ Microsoft product flavor of the day, and various free online versions, and it’s almost shocking how there is no comparison. Omnigraffle rewards anyone by allowing complete novices to hop in and make an outstanding flowchart; but the minute you start peeling back the layers of tools you realize you’ll spend a lifetime leveraging this application in more and more powerful ways. Worth many times what they charge for it. If you want free, go suffer with some other products. But if you are a professional who needs a real tool, then look no further.

It used to be great.

But Omnigraffle 7 is slow and buggy. I’m running a 2017 Macbook Pro and it constantly lags and is unusable. Sad, because I’ve loved this product for years. Now today, after it auto updated to 7.8, my Omnigraffle doesn’t work at all. It claims it needs to be registered again even though I purchased v7 through the app store. Seriously, this product is terrible. I would not recommend it.

Fraud of a company

Bought this last summer, now I don’t have access to it since it upgraded. This is FRUAD, and I will be calling the BBB on their practices, and request that Apple Store pull all of their packages off Apple Store. This company needs to be sued out of existance. DO NOT BUY, STAY AWAY FROM OTHER PRODUCT THEY SELL.

Powerful App for Graphics

There is really nothing as powerful as this app I have run across for making design diagrams the exact way I want. Some programs are faster and more pre-built, but when I want something to look like I want it to look, this product has no peer. I find diagrams to be one of the most important tools for communication, a picture is worth a 1000 words is not far from the mark. This app requires some investment in time, but for me, it is well worth it. Thank you for making this app so powerful and pleasing to the eye.

Crashes every time I try to print

I just started the free trial. I made a workflow diagram, and tried to print it… it crashes every time.

Wow- worst "upgrade" of all time.

There’s upgrade pricing and there’s complete robbery. Why on earth should longtime customers have to buy at the same price as brand new users. I know the App Store doesn’t make it easy to do upgrade pricing but it sure makes it easy for me to drop this app for something else. Good-bye forever Omni Group, it was great times while it lasted!

Unethical upgrade policies

I had a paid previous version of serveral products. A new version was push by Apples website. All the applications are require that I repuchase or install from their OMNI website the previous version. They have a habit of requiring a upgrades payment for major versions. The cost is generally have the price of the full version. THE FACT THAT AN UPDATE WAS PUSHED THAT AMDE THE APPLICATIONS COMPLETELY UNUSUAL AND THEIR SUPPORT WAS USELESS. MY RECOMENDATION AND OPINION “CHOSE A DIFFERENT PRODUCT!” I WILL NEVER USE THEIR PRODUCTS AGAIN!

Upgrade not an upgrade - it’s a say goodbye to your documents

Like others I came from an old version of omnigraffle only to be screwed with opening past documents. Not how you should treat past customers. How do you think this is a sustainable model? It’s clear there is a market for this software, and even more clear that omnigraffle is insanely overpriced. It’s ripe for a competitor. Any of you young software developers out there looking to make a profitable business should outright copy the main features of omnigraffle (and do it well), charge a 1/3rd of the price, and I guarantee you you’ll easily take half of their customers.

Not nice!

Ok, so I have enough critical Omnigraffle documents that I can’t afford to lose, so I figure I will bite the bullet and pay for the upgrade. I am met with this lovely jewel: “If you’ve purchased an earlier version of OmniGraffle from the Mac App Store, you may be eligible for a discount.” *** may be eligible ? *** The software ask you to tell it where the old version is. I do this, and it says “The selected application is not a Mac App Store edition of OmniGraffle 5 or 6. It is in fact Omni Graffle Professional v5, but purchased directly from Omni. They know I have the old software, but choose to not give me credit for it. So no discount. Theivery at it’s worst. Now, I will use the 2 week free trial to pull up every document I have, and print them to PDF, and if I ever need to update them, I will use another app. I simply do not choose to do business with a company that treats it’s users like this.

Used for years

I have used OmniGraffle for years, on and off, for various technical drawings. I am currently using 7.7.1 Pro. It is really useful and powerful. Sometimes Visio export/import doesn't work completely. I mostly blame Microsoft for that, though. I wish it had a DWIWIANAA (Draw What I Want, I Am Not An Artist) mode :-)

Extortion, plain and simple

I don’t use Omnigraffle much, so I was shocked when it kept crashing over and over. This lead me to realize it doesn’t work, and there’s a new version. Fine. So I download it, it’s another $200 for the same features I had???? And there doesn’t appear to be an upgrade from “OmniGraffle Pro”, which I purchased years ago from the store? I’m a product manager, I understand product lifecycle issues. This is not acceptable. If the OS changes, go back and fix your app. You chose the pricing model, you live with the consequences. I’m seeking alternatives.


Omnigraffle has effectively gone to a ransomware model. I’ve been using various versions of the program (Mac and iPad) for years. Not supporting older versions to the point where they won’t open when you upgrade operating systems, meaning you cannot even view existing files, is the equivalent of ransomware. I just upgraded a few days ago, and am now sitting in a board meeting needing to open a critical diagram to share with other directors. Beyond disgusted. Avoid this company and its products.

Ignore the poor reviews from cheap users, fantastic app

Please take a look at the 1 star reviews. They are from users who are upset that their version of OmniGraffle, version 5, which was released over a decade ago in 2007, is not compatible with macOS High Sierra. They believe OmniGroup is greedy and unfair for expecting them to upgrade to the latest version, even at a discount, and are demanding they make it free. If you wonder why most companies are moving to subscriptions, these users are why. They believe if you buy an app once, you should never have to pay for an update or upgrade, regardless of the work required to make it fully compatible with an OS released a decade later, or the many features and improvements added. I really wish Apple would pull these reviews as they are useless to someone considering buying the app, but I digress. I wonder about these people. Do they pay their auto mechanic once and expect him/her to work on their vehicle for free as long as they own it? How about their barber/stylist? One time payment and free cuts for life. Or is it only software developers who they believe should work for free? OmniGraffle has been, and remains, the very best diagraming tool on Mac and iOS. The OmniGroup is a dedicated Mac team which utilizes extensively macOS features and continually deliver apps that are best in class in terms of UI design, functionality, and performance. If you need a diagraming app, then you should should strongly consider OmniGraffle. Download it and take advantage of the 14 day free trial. I think you’ll find it to be worth every penny.


I used to use Omni Graffle because it seemed to do things really well. Now my version 5.4.4 is crashing upon start, and this new version is giving me an automatic layout that is simply stupid. It's misaligned, has arrows crossing, and put a box at the very top along side the start, despite it pointing to a circle at the very bottom of the graph. I will not be spending money on this.

Forced upgrade?

Merry Christmas, Omnigroup. Thanks for enrolling me in the Jelly of the Month club. Unfortunately for you, Omnigroup you’ve just opened a huge door for competitors to come swoop up people like me. I never would’ve looked elsewhere. Why not let me upgrade because I want your features instead of this heavy handed approach?

long term user

upgraded because of high sierra and have been using omnigraffle pro for 5 years. If not already using omnigraffle, find something else.

What the hell?

What a scam to push upgrades. How do I access the software I paid for?

Effectively a forced upgrade; couldn’t even access old files

Forced to buy upgrade due to incompatibility of Mac OS X High Sierra with version 5.4. There were no warnings about incompatibility with High Sierra, nor am I simply allowed to access my previous files to so much as export them. The program simply wouldn't open. This upgrade is forced despite stating on their website that "Whenever you upgrade your operating system down the road, our built-in software updater will get you updated to the latest version compatible with your current OS". This statement is misleading as there is no implication that payment must be provided to retain functionality of a program for which I have a functional license.

Trial doesn’t even work...

Can’t comment on application if I couldn’t even try it out. Trial hangs out, and after that, they are asking for a lot of money. Not giving any to a company that can’t even sort out trial period.

Upgraded to High Sierra and Now they want $100 more to be able to use it.

This is unbelievable. I upgraded to High Sierra and the older version I already bought and paid for no longer works. They offer a discount to get the new version that will work, but it’s still $100 for a program that quite frankly is pretty limited in scope. It’s a great program to use, but I shoudn’t have to buy it twice in the span of a couple of years. This is what is wrong with the computer industry today. They want to take your money and price gouge. I have files I have to update regularly and now I can’t. Other reputable companies will allow you to upgrade for free or support older versions—because it’s the right thing to do. I’m so disappointed with you Omnigroup!

App No Longer Works

My PAID version no longer works, won’t allow me to create new documents or open new ones. The app wont unlock, it doesnt restore the purchase. I’ve been a happy user for many years. This stinks.

Does not goes further welcome screen

Was not able to pass welcome screen and actually try the app

Disapointed Long Time User

I’ve been using Omnigraffle for over 10 years. I upgraded from 5 today, begrudgingly, because it would no longer run on High Sierra. I had avoided upgrading because I prefered the floating menus of 5, but now that I am forced to use 7 I am very disapointed. Frankly my biggest complaint is the UI. I have a fairly large monitor would like to be able to see all the panes at once as I could in 5 without the need to switch back and forth and back and forth. It’s painful. - The UI is quite jumpy overall. Automatic layout is super jumpy whereas in 5 it was reasonably smoothly animated. - Attaching arrows to magnets often takes a couple tries. - The right pane is “context sensitive” and switches back to the first tab whenever you select a different object type than the previous. This doesn’t make ANY SENSE when I an working on the Document tab which has nothing to do with context. - The automatic layout seems much worse than 5 and sometimes randomly stops working for a bit before starting up again. * Lines randomly dart around things that seemingly don’t exist * Lines to/from grouped objects are entirely ueslessly insane. * Linked Objects randomly get placed miles apart, particularly when importing from Graphviz - The standard shapes are much more dull

A power user's app.

OmniGraffle 7 is what happens if you want all the flexibility of a vector designer with all of the templating and power of Microsoft Visio. If you're looking for just a little casual thing to do a flowchart or some swim lanes, it will be intimidating, but the options give a lot of power for control when time and understanding is invested.The price reflects that. This is a professional tool for professional users at professional prices, and wow, you get what you pay for.

Great app, but need more stencils to unleash the greatness

I have been using OG since last 2 years for drawing various types of technical and non-technical diagrams. The tool has improved, but the stencils in stenciltown are still the good old ones. It would be great if you can complement this great tool with more modern stencils such as the ones used in the intro video. One more request is to please allow the user to choose the palette of quick select colors. Thanks.

Clumsy and unintuitive

I was looking for a good diagraming tool for the Mac. Back in the day, I used Visio. But that was when I used Windows. I had an older version of OmniGraffle 5 and upgraded to 7. I never really used OmniGraffle 5 too much. Mainly because it seemed a bit limiting. My upgrade to 7 was … well … a poor choice. Bear in mind, this is not an inexpensive project. Yet the build quality is terrible. It seems they spend far more money on marketing and probably management than the SW itself. Just a few items which make this a pretty poor terrible. *It couldn’t even figure out how to import my OmniGraffle 5 stencils into this latest version. This is development 101. *Stencils are very limited in what you have to choose from. Don’t have it and then you’re off to fend for yourself to find them from Stenciltown or something else. Maybe not that big of deal. If they actually had usable stencils o’ plenty by default. They do not. So you’re forced to find stuff. Why not take some of that money you’re stealing from users and hire people to make good stencils and build them in rather making people have to find them? *Stencils window is clumsy to use. You can use it in either docked or undocked mode. The problem is that the icons in the stencil are often too small. Their solution? Undock and make the window large to scale them up. I’m running a 5K and 4K. Both in pretty high resolution. For some of the stencils, the Stencils window has to be the fullscreen. So the Stencils window is often in the way. This could have been easily fixed if they supported a zoom in/out. Do they dogfood their own stuff? *Moving on to zooming, no great way to do this for your current canvas. Hotkeys like Command+_ and Command+= (which works in Safari and other apps) would make life easier. *When you print (or rather convert to PDF or anything it seems), there is no option to crop the image unless you have transparency on. You want a white background? There’s a way. It’s called Photoshop. * I find the line/arrows I want most are the curved ones. LIke in Visio. There seems to be no support for this. The ones I found are bezier. And very very difficult to modify if I’m not using them in the same orientation, size, etc as it was provided. * It seem they overly rely on the side panel for functionality. Versus using that and having it mapped to the menu. Want to flip something (which I have also found it won’t let me do all the time), menu? Nope. Overall, this SW is garbage. I know there are people who love this app. However, for newer users that have not and don’t want to invest hours and hours learning it, it is clumsy and unintuitive. It truly looks built being based on having prior knowledge to the app.

Diagramming is now one of my favorite hobbies.

Omnigraffle is fantastic and makes better looking diagrams than any other app out there. I wasn’t a heavy user of OG6, but did own it, though I can’t tell many of the differences between the two. Nonetheless, the seemless workflow between Mac and iPad, the myriad tools and intuitive interface, and the way it takes advantage of the Magic Trackpad make it a delight worth 5 stars. It isn’t without fault though. In my workflow I use the magnet tool a lot and (snapping) gets in the way more often than not, even when I turn it off, magnets don’t go where I want them. But thats really my only main gripe. Thanks OG Team

Spectacular Productivity Tool!

When I switched to using the Macintosh as my primary computing platform years ago, there were two productivity applications I couldn’t immediately replace the first was Visio. Fortunately, it did not take long to discover the fine folks at The Omni Group and then I found Omni Graffle! It is, in my opinion, the pre-emminent technical illustration tool for the Macintosh. As a software engineer, I use use OmniGraffle all the time for illustrating class diagrrams, process flows, user stories, and entity relationship diagrams (just to name a few). There is nothing I was able to do in Visio that I cannot do in OmniGraffle and with the Pro version upgrade, I can import and export files using the Visio file format which is a very nice-to-have feature! One of the features I want to highlight most about the A-M-A-Z-I-N-G team at the Omni Group is their dedication and thoughtful approach to the Macintosh platform - particularly the Mac App Store. This is the perferred mechanism for me to get all of the software for the computers used by my family. I think it is fantastic that Ken Case and his team conquered the engineering challenges I’ve heard sandboxing presents AND they found a thoughful way to provide trials and discounted upgrades for loyal customers who prefer software distributed through the Mac App Store. Some developers have encountered these challenges and found them to be insurmountable, so they abandoned the App Store. Kudos to the Omni Group for doing what they do best - solve problems and provide best-in-class software coupled with best-in-class support! P.S. The “other” productivity tool I couldn’t immediately replace was Microsoft Project. And fortunately, it didn’t take long for the fine folks at the Omni Group to fill that void with OmniPlan! And I’m a daily user of OmniFocus on the Mac, iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch!

Best Version Yet

The great thing about being free in the App Store, is that you can download and view OmniGraffle documents without purchasing the application. This application is a great replacement for Microsoft Visio for macOS. It also works great with the iOS version of OmniGrafle. I am thankful for the ability to provide the In App purchase option for upgrading the application.

Bait and Switch - Not Free Just Demo

This is just a 2 week DEMO with in app purchase after expire. This isn’t what most of us expect as a base model with extras as in app purchase. Should be removed as a free app from store.

Outstanding and So Much Better Than Visio

I have been using Omnigraffle for many years and through a number of versions. I also use Omnigraffle 2 for iPad. I am a Solution Architect and part time Mobile Developer. Needless to say I use both the MacOS and IOS extensively. While the user interface is different than Visio’s (what some consider an industry standard), I prefer Omni’s design. Some of the reasons are: intuitive to MacOS users, sensible grouping in the inspectors, awesome new image printing with the art boards, rapid prototyping (to my knowledge this doesn’t exist in Visio), single click for the most common tools, and many more. Considering the last the current price of Visio Pro is just under $600 and the pro version of Omnigraffle is at most $199 (upgrade from previous pro is only $99) and you have the best technical drawing tool out there. Well done again Omnigroup!

Bait and switch

This app isn’t free with in-app purchases. It’s only a trial with a $100 upsell.

Great App Just Got Better

I love OmniGraffle 7. OmniGraffle 6 was a really good app OG7 rocks! Well done guys, thank you for listening to your customers.

Free trial lasted zero minutes

I downloaded, clicked on the Free Trial button, clicked Get Started and nothing happened — no way to create a new document. So I fiddled with some things and finally got a message saying my free trial had expired. Well, that was short. I got zero minutes use. I am a quick learner, but not that quick.

Some nice new additions, but more poor decisions...

I have been using Omnigraffle Pro v. 6 for some time now. I am a big fan. The app kills Visio with its vector graphics base. That said, version 7 is leaving me less than thrilled. I love the addition of the keyboard shortcuts, but it falls short in that I want to mimic the keystrokes I already use for all of the Adobe applications and that can’t be done. The other very large issues for me have to do with the right side of the screen. The changes made to the way stencils are presented in a separate floating window are terrible. Whomever developed that must not actually use the application. The other huge issue is the decreased number of page options for the inspector which has now caused me to have to scroll up and down looking for the settings I need. Again, I can’t imagine anyone who spends any serious amount of time using the appplication would design this in this manner. You need a new product lead. I would give version 6 pro a 4.5 star rating. Version 7 I can only give it 3 stars as it is so frustrating to use I will stick with version 6 Pro.

been using the ‘free’ preview version. LOVE IT

I have been very happy with this. Nice turn from visio, and works great with WACOM tablet and touch mode!

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